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MobileKids - L'initiative de scurit routire en tant qu'instrument de marketing et de CSR pour les ventes

Road safety is an issue that is close to all our hearts. Children are among the road users who are most at risk. Between the ages of six and ten they slowly but surely develop to become independent road users in their own right: on the way to school, visiting friends in the afternoon or heading off to sports training. It is therefore important for boys and girls to be made aware of the potential dangers in an age-appropriate way and to practise the correct way to behave in situations involving traffic so that they can stay safe on the roads.

The MobileKids safety initiative takes a holistic approach: it's not only children who will find content tailored to their needs at MobileKids. Adults, too, will find advice about how better to protect and prepare children. Parents and educational establishments are made aware of the need to think about potential dangers and provided with a comprehensive range of useful information and teaching resources.

MobileKids has had an international presence for 13 years now. The scope of activities around the world is considerable, from a MobileKids event at a dealership and workshops in schools or at events, through to a handling course at product launches or a mobile truck with information about road safety. Visit the MobileKids homepage at: to see examples.

Combine a practical approach with a bit of fun: road safety is an issue that concerns all of us and one that provides a way of reaching out to children and their parents or grandparents. It can also be used to initiate conversations about child restraint systems or safety features such as Blind Spot Assist. Did you know that a whole school class can remain unseen in the blind spot of a truck?

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